Pacific Community Ventures: Quality Jobs Trends in the Field

HCAP Partners was featured in PCV’s latest Impact Investing newsletter addressing quality job trends. 

Newsletter excerpt:

Quality Jobs Trends in the Field


It's not just PCV! Other organizations are also working hard to improve job quality for working people across the country and across the globe.

HCAP Partners has operationalized the Gainful Jobs Approach, a framework which guides their assessment of job quality standards at their portfolio companies. Elements of a “gainful job” are broken down into economic opportunities, such as opportunities for career advancement, and health and wellness benefits, such as paid sick days. When making an investment, HCAP quantitatively assesses existing job quality standards, identifies opportunities for improvement, and implements initiatives aimed at creating and maintaining high quality jobs. Their efforts are making a difference for employees – in their 2017 annual report, HCAP highlighted that 92% of portfolio companies offered paid sick days, 50% offered wellness initiatives, 58% broad-based participation, 71% opportunities for career advancement, and 17% sustainable livelihood. To qualify, a company had to offer the job quality attribute to at least 75% of their workforce.

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