RPI Achieves Print Industry Milestone with Sustainability Certification from Sustainable Green Printing Partnership; First Company in Its Category to Achieve SGP Honor

Seattle, Washington, January 08, 2014 - HCAP Partners' portfolio company, RPI, a leader in delivering personalized print products to businesses worldwide, announced today that it has become the first producer of personalized products such as photobooks, notecards, stationery, and business products to be recognized and certified by the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) for its sustainability practices.

SGP provides the only whole facility certification program for the graphic communication industry and goes well beyond the idea of simply recycling materials and using ‘green paper.’ While green certification organizations are highly beneficial for certifying materials that may be used in the print process, SGP is focused on the manufacturing process of making printed products.

“This is our industry’s gold standard for recognizing a company’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices,” said Rick Bellamy, CEO at RPI. “To be the first company that specializes in delivering personalized print products to achieve this certification is an honor that recognizes our company-wide effort to embrace sustainability.”

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