HCAP Partners to Present at SOCAP15

HCAP Partners will be participating in two panel presentations at SOCAP15 in San Francisco, October 6-9. 

The SOCAP15 conference on impact investing and social enterprise hosts the international impact investing community with a mission to advance environmental and social causes. Attendees include innovators in business, tech, the sharing economy, health, philanthropy, and more.  HCAP Partners will participate in two panel presentations during the conference.

Presentation details are as follows:

Title:  The Future of Metrics and the Floor-and-Ladder Approach
Time/Date:  12:15 PM - 1:15 PM, October 8 2015
Panel Participant:  Hope Mago, HCAP Partners Senior Associate

As the field matures, asset owners and fund managers are moving from “rear-view mirror” metrics to continuously raising the bar with intentional management of impact. This shift in mindset puts teeth on the idea of additionally toward stronger social outcomes and more transformative results. In this session, practitioners explain the floor-and-ladder approach to managing impact in the concrete case of quality job creation, and explore how it can be applied to other impact sectors.

Title:  Impact Measurement: Views from the Experts
Time/Date:  2:45 PM - 3:45 PM, October 8 2015
Panel Participant: Bhairvee Shavdia, HCAP Partners Impact Associate

Measuring impact is not always clear-cut. The impact investing industry has seen notable developments over the past decade. Investors have regularly integrated Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) criteria into every stage of investment decisions, and some have begun measuring outcomes. This panel discusses how measurement tools have evolved, how important measuring impact is to investors and organizations, how much of a role impact measurement has in fundraising and investment decisions, and what challenges still exist.

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